Mitra Foundation® is a non-profit, voluntary and rural development organization of India with a mission to eliminate poverty, unemployment, ill-health and illiteracy; and to empower underprivileged children, youth, and women through relevant education, innovative healthcare, and market-focused livelihood programmes.

Mitra Foundation® was founded on November 14, 2012, by Dr Manjula Yuvaraj, Psychologist & Social Worker. She has been involved with many organizations across Karnataka for more than a decade playing numerous roles like an activist, a volunteer, mentor, facilitator, counsellor, trainer & resource person. She provides services like therapies, counselling, awareness programs and training.  She responds to various issues such as Mental Health-related, Adolescent issues, Domestic violence/abuse on children & women, Addiction, Personal Hygiene & Child Rights. She provides voluntary services to Urban & Rural Government school children in Value Education, Life Skills, Stress/Anxiety/Depression Management Sessions, Suicide Prevention, Career Guidance, Sex Education, Personality Development, Individual/Group Counselling, and Training Programs for Parents and Teachers.  She also provides Scholarship for education purposes, free camps, development activities for the rural community and creating job opportunities are her main focus and she has been doing all these for many years.


To make a sustainable impact on the development of under-served communities through Education, Health Care, Women Empowerment and Train youngsters to focus on organic farming to ensure good quality food and to preserve mother Nature with an overall improvement in the quality of life.


To fulfil the basic needs of the Rural Community and to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Every person has something to be given to another person. We need to have insight and listen to our hearts to share. When we start giving or sharing we realise that we have enough to give or share. The beauty of sharing is that we will start receiving back unknowingly which need not be in the form of money, could be in any form. Share to care!